Primary Objective: Develop and maintain a chapter professional development program that increases the competency of the business analysis community.

Primary responsibilities:

  • Communicate and promote BABOK and best practices 
  • Communicate and promote IIBA Certifications 
  • Respond to BA community BABOK and Certification (new and renewal) inquiries 
  • Promote and organize annual chapter sponsored study group 
  • Communicate professional development events and sources 
  • Post chapter study group to IIBA Chapter Event Registration 
  • Be familiar with and adhere to IIBA Chapter CBAP Study Group Policy 
  • Report Professional Development updates to Board, including Chapter Study Group metrics  

The Vice President of Professional Development will be responsible for promoting Business Analysis Professionalism through the organization and delivery of

  • educational publications,
  • seminars,
  • informational updates, including changes to the BA Body of Knowledge to help Business Analysts in the Business Analysis profession.

General duties of Vice President:

  • Act in the absence of the President,
  • Learn duties of the President and keep informed on key issues, 
  • Act as a signing officer for cheques and other documents,
  • Chair a major committee, 
  • Develop, update and incorporate recommended changes from the Board to the terms of reference and mandate of the committee, 
  • Recruit an appropriate number of committee members to carry out the mandate, 
  • Orient members to the committee’s mandate and position in the organization, 
  • Call committee meetings and develop agendas with the input of the members,  
  • Chair committee meetings and report the committee’s progress to the Board,
  • Keep discussion on topic by summarizing issues,  
  • Guide the committee through its meetings to fulfill the committee’s purpose, 
  • Recognize each member’s contribution to the committee’s work, 
  • Delegate appropriate tasks to individual committee members, 
  • Submit recommendations to the Board for approval, 
  • Plan and evaluate the committee’s work with the help of the members, 
  • Ensure meeting minutes and other relevant information are recorded and filed.